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Happier Patients,
Happier Physician

Peace of mind is critical for a physician, knowing that the needs of her patients are being met day in and day out. Dr. Linda Mathison-Ezieme, an OB/GYN at Virginia Center for Women, is feeling more peaceful these days after installing the Rhinogram secure communications platform.

“Patients are happier, knowing they can reach the doctor without involving staff,” Mathison says. “And I’m happy knowing patients are not getting irritated by not getting their test results or a callback.”

After just a few months, Mathison and her staff have adopted a text-first attitude. Mathison has the Rhinogram interface open on her computer while charting, and she’ll often handle texts herself as soon as they come in.


Learn how Virginia Center for Women:

• Unburdened physician's personal nurse of 15-20 daily tasks, allowing her to work on more important things

• Offered patients direct access through texting, through the office number patients already know and trust

• Greatly increased speed in which patients receive test results

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